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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Design of a Southern Belle

Today is the first day of spring, and what better way to usher in this bright new season than with a new post about being a Southern Belle! After all, this is when flowers bloom, and there's no flower more delicate, strong, complex, unique or beautiful than that of a Southern Belle!
I love being a Southern Belle, and a fabulous one at that! Over the years, the meaning and very essence of a Southern Belle has evolved in many ways.

Old School Southern Belle: According to Wikipedia—“The image of the Southern belle was developed in the South during the Antebellum Period. It was based on the young, unmarried woman in the plantation-owning upper class of Southern society. A Southern belle of that era was keenly aware of the popular fashion of that time, and the modern archetypal (archetype) image still includes antebellum fashion. A Southern belle typically wore a hoop skirt, a corset, pantalettes, a wide-brimmed straw hat, and gloves. They also frequently carried parasol umbrellas and hand fans. As was fashion at the time, these young women shielded themselves carefully from the sun, as a sign of tanning was considered working-class and unfashionable. Southern belles were expected to marry respectable young men, and become ladies of society dedicated to the family and community.”...
When you read the origin of a Southern Belle, one can only say, “Baby, we’ve come a long way!” My, my, how things have changed. 

Modern Day Southern Belle: According to Wikipedia— “In a modern context, the term is used to describe graceful Southern-born females from any ethnic background. The term may also be used for a debutante from the southern United States. There is no single formula for what constitutes a Southern belle today, but they are certainly not all old money and triple-legacy sorority girls.”…

Okay, now this is more like it. This is my world! I’m a proud, fabulous Southern Belle and I absolutely LOVE everything it embodies. What does being a Southern Belle embody, you might ask? Let me break it down for you, the way I see it. 

  • ·         A Southern Belle is first and foremost, a lady. Every grown female is a woman, but not every woman is a lady (more about that in another post!).
  • ·         A Southern Belle is respectful of herself and others, and she values family and friendship with a sense of honor and tradition.
  • ·         A Southern Belle is strong enough to be bold, yet soft enough to be gentle, and she knows exactly when to use each strength to her advantage.
  • ·         A Southern Belle is always courteous but is never a pushover.
  • ·         A Southern Belle is confident and self-reliant in both her professional and personal dealings.
  • ·         A Southern Belle is well rounded and can engage in a conversation about politics as adeptly as she can about sports, literature, or the latest fashions.
  • ·         A Southern Belle smiles with her eyes and not her teeth because she is sincere in all that she does.
  • ·         A Southern Belle will always have a strand of pearls in her jewelry box (that’s a fact!).
  • ·         A Southern Belle’s kitchen is stocked with stemware, flatware, and cookware (no matter if she uses it or not), and she’ll be prepared to entertain a party at the drop of a dime, whether she’s the hostess or a guest.
  • ·         A Southern Belle lights up a room when she enters it because her genuine presence and poise command attention

What you’ve just read is only a smidgeon of the traits of a Southern Belle. Trust me, I’ve got tons more, and I’ll be sharing them with you in future posts! This blog will be a destination spot full of fun, informative, sexy, and always topical posts that include: style reports, delicious and easy recipes, tips for entertaining, how to create fabulous DIY projects, and the latest in art, culture, politics, fashion, beauty, sports, and all things Southern! Until then, enjoy the promise of sunshine, blue skies, and warmer temperatures that this spring season is sure to bring!

Until next time, stay sweet and fabulous!

Many Blessings,
Trice Hickman