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Southern Flair
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Make Everything Special!

One of the best qualities of a Southern Belle is that we know how to make every occasion special. It's like second nature for us to make a way out of no way, and in many respects, that's not just the Belle in us, that's the South in general. But a Belle knows how to do it with grace, style, and impeccable flare!

The beauty of a Southern Belle is that we understand how to improvise. We don't simply survive, we thrive, and we take everything a "step up." Give a Southern Belle some lemons and she'll not only turn the sour fruit into a sweet refreshing drink, she'll toss in a delicious meringue pie to enjoy along with it. If she's had a long frustrating day, she won't mope or pout about it, she'll examine what went wrong and why, and then she'll get busy making the next day a winner! If she's on a tight budget and can't afford a trip to the spa, she'll create her own relaxing oasis right in the comfort of her own home. We also recognize the importance of celebrating and pampering ourselves.

One of my favorite hotels is the Ritz Carlton, and my absolute favorite service they offer is their bath butler service (the downtown Atlanta, GA, property has the best one I've tried in the country). They draw a bath that's pretty close to what I imagine heaven might feel like. In addition to specially prepared water that makes your skin feel like silk, the experience includes scented candles, fragrant rose petals, amazing gourmet chocolates, and a silver tray filled with bath products to take home. Honey, that's livin'!!

I LOVE nice things and I'm constantly looking for ways to create wonderful experiences that I can enjoy. But let me tell you, nice things don't have to break down your wallet (the Ritz can set you back!). I can't afford to Ritz it up every month, but honey, I'm a Belle, and I know how to do the doggone thing on my own! I can relish in splendor for the cost of an entree at my local restaurant. I found the products below at Walmart, Stein Mart, and Walgreens, and trust me, they work!

Village Naturals Sleep Therapy Foaming Mineral Oil and Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Soaking Solution can be purchased at Walmart. Ellen Tracy White Amber Bath Salt can be found at Stein Mart, and the Calming Lavender Vanilla Candle is in stock at Walgreens (Note: Yankee Candle's Lavender and Lavender Vanilla scents are divine!).

Take a soak, relax with a nice glass of wine, and make everything in your life special!

Enjoy your Fabulous Life!