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Southern Flair
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Challenges Help You Learn...

TGIF! Whew! This week has been filled with many challenges and what feels like not enough time. I've been working long hours each day (and into the wee hours of the morning) to finish my novel. Some days I've felt tired, overwhelmed, uninspired, and doubtful about my course. I've had to adjust my writing process along with my work and life schedule. My entire flow is different and somewhat unfamiliar to me. I'm entering uncharted waters, not only with this book, but with my life. It has been unsettling at times. 

But in the midst of it all, I'm learning a lot about myself along this journey. I've learned that I'm so much stronger than I give myself credit for (because I bounce back every day). I'm resourceful (I find a way to get things done). I'm determined (I refuse to give up, period!). And I'm creative (these characters and scenes!...). I'm not bragging, I'm simply sharing my truth, and I thank God for my gifts. I'm also thankful for the angels in my life who support and encourage me daily. 

My fabulous friend, let your strength and determination lead you to resourceful and creative ways to live your life and grow. Plant good people around you and stay encouraged! And never, ever stop dreaming, believing, or wanting more. Faith + Action = Results! 

Be Fabulous!