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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wine, Popcorn, and a Movie

I haven't posted here in quite some time because I was under deadline for my 7th novel titled, Secret Indiscretions, which will be released July 28, 2015!

I'm so excited to be out of my writing cave, you have no idea! When I pressed send and submitted my manuscript to my editor, I literally jumped for joy, and then proceeded to take a long nap. It feels fantastic to have completed another novel! And although I have another deadline looming for book #8, I'm going to take a little time to relax (just a little) while gearing up for the next project.

I'm enjoying this brief reprieve and I'll be doing things I enjoy; cooking and baking, hanging with friends, watching movies, reading good books, and of course, shopping! Last weekend I treated myself to a long bubble bath by candlelight, and then I nestled under my comfy chenille throw with popcorn and wine while I watched, The Devil Wears Prada. That movie had me in stitches!! I enjoyed myself (I'm great company, if I do say so!) It was a fabulous evening!

Life is a beautiful experience. Each day is a blessing, so make it count and live the most fabulous life you can. Do things that bring you happiness, excitement, and fulfillment. It can be something as extravagant as a trip to Paris, or as simple as wine, popcorn, and a movie. Whatever you do, make sure it brings your heart great joy!

Be Fabulous!

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