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Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to Make an Ornament Wreath

I love a beautiful wreath on a front door! It's a signature stamp that greets guests and says, "Welcome, come on it!" It's the standard of Southern hospitality, and every Southern Belle I know has a wreath hanging on her front door throughout the year. I change up my wreaths according to each season, and I make them by hand so I can have exactly what I want! Because Christmas is my favorite time of year, I love creating a festive wreath that sparkles and shines with the spirit of the season. This year I decided to make an ornament wreath, filled with bright, vibrant colors. The great thing about an ornament wreath is that you can make it with ornaments of various sizes, shapes, and colors, and they will all come together and look fabulous! Here's my wreath below, and here's how to make one of your own.

Materials Nedded
  • 1 green wreath (I used a 24" wreath that I purchased from A.C. Moore)
  • Ornaments (You will need a lot! I used a combination of ornaments from Michael's, The Dollar Store, A.C. Moore, Home Depot, and Macy's)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks (You will need a lot of glue sticks)
  • Patience
  • NOTE: I use a green wreath instead of a wire or foam wreath because I like incorporating greenery into my decorations. But you can use any type of round material for your wreath base.
Start by fluffing your wreath so that it's full and appears to have depth. Place ornaments where you intend to glue them. I start by placing my brightly colored and larger ornaments at the top, bottom, and sides of the wreath, then I fill in from there. Glue your ornaments in place and continue to fill in the empty spaces until your wreath is covered. Voila! Your finished product will be a gorgeous, custom made masterpiece that reflects your individual style.

Happy Holidays and remember to stay fabulous!

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