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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Soul of Summer

 Summertime is Here!
Lounging by the pool. The watermelon was cool and delicious!

Sundresses, sandals, and backyard barbecues are in full effect, and I'm enjoying every single minute of it. Summertime is fun time! The days are longer and hotter, which is perfect for lounging by the water (pool or beach) enjoying cool drinks, having fun with family and friends, and soaking up the sunshine. Here are a few staples that define the soul of summer--Southern Style.

There's nothing like sitting on a porch, rocking and enjoying life!

Barbecue: I love Smithfield's. They have great bbq and their iced tea is soooo good!
Lemonade: Ice tea is the official drink of the South, but during summer months, lemonade rules the season. In my opinion, Chik-fil-A has some of the best lemonade--and you can get it anywhere in the country.
The Beach: The South has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Check out this list and go for a visit!
Watermelon: A picnic isn't complete without this deliciously juicy fruit. Learn more about watermelons--including recipes and how to choose a ripe one--at
Rocking on the porch: There's nothing like the peaceful feeling of sitting in a rocking chair, enjoying a warm summer day/night.
Fireflies (lightening bugs): These beautiful little creatures light up the night and make an ordinary evening spectacular.
Ice Cream: Not to be mistaken with frozen yogurt, ice cream, in all its rich goodness, is heavenly on a hot summer day. Ben & Jerry's can be found everywhere, and it's yummy!
Shopping: Okay, this isn't really a summer staple because you can shop year-round. But summer clothing; sundresses, sandals, bathing suits, shorts, tanks, etc., make shopping extra fun!
Reading: Reading is great anytime of year, and especially during summer. A good beach read makes for great entertainment. I include a Recommended Reading section in my enewsletter. If you haven't joint my mailing list to receive my enewsletter please visit my website at, and sign up today!

The Soul of Summer" is the theme of this month's issue of Southern Living magazine.

No matter where you live or how you decide to spend your summer, make sure you have fun, stay safe, and do things that bring you joy!

Until next time, be fabulous!

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