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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Books & Grits on Throw Back Thursday

There's nothing more Southern than grits. I love, love, love a good bowl of grits. They're warm, hearty, and they stick to your stomach and fill you up. I remember growing up my Grandma Allene (my maternal grandmother, God rest her soul) used to make the best grits, ever! I would gobble them down in record time. They were creamy and buttery with just the right amount of salt. Today I try to replicate my grandma's formula as best I can, and my grits turn out pretty darn good. But nothing beats my grandma's because she put her love into every bowl.

Eating a good bowl of grits reminds me of reading a good book. A good book with an interesting story line can warm you, fill you, and leave you satisfied, just like the coarsely ground corn kernels I love so much. I'm currently reading through the page proofs for my upcoming novel, SECRET INDISCRETIONS, which will be released July 28, and I started craving grits. As I was stirring them in the pot I started reminiscing about my grandma, and how much I miss her. She passed away when I was 16 years old, and the older I get the more I miss her. But I feel good knowing that she still lives on because her spirit is always with me, as well as the wonderful memories of great times we shared. One of the main characters in my novel, LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, was a wise old lady named Grandma Allene. She was fashioned after my grandma in many ways. Although my grandma didn't possess the gift of prophecy like the character in the book, she had the ability to guide her family with her love and wisdom.

I feel blessed on this Throw Back Thursday to know that I will always have a piece of my Grandma with me! 

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